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Episode #108: 3 Good Things

Uncategorized Sep 29, 2022

I've had some ups and downs in the past few weeks, but instead of spiraling, I have been making a point to focus on the good things in my day or in my life.  I share some tips and tricks for focusing on the good instead of the other stuff in your day. I hope this lands well for you as much as it helped me as I made it!

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Episode #107: How and Why Tracking Your Habits Changes Your Results

Uncategorized Sep 15, 2022

When I want to get serious about making a change, I know that I need to start tracking things in my life.  Whether it's in regard to chores or reading or health and fitness, simply tracking what I do can put habits into place so much easier.  In this episode, I share tips and tricks to help make those changes easier.  


Addie's Habit Tracker

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Episode #106: Accountability and the People Around You

Uncategorized Sep 08, 2022

I have been thinking a lot about the people I spend time with.  I have been to some meetings and lunches and have noticed that the people I spend time with often are a reflection of my choices in my life.  Accountability is accidentally higher when you surround yourself with people with similar goals.  I hope my tips, tricks and thoughts in this episode help you.  


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Episode #105: Selling Books, Non Profits, and Pivoting as a Bookseller with Holland Saltsman

Uncategorized Sep 01, 2022

Holland Saltsman is the owner of one of my personal favorite bookstores.  The Novel Neighbor is a woman owned and operated independent bookstore in Webster Groves, MO.  As they have grown and changed and pivoted through the pandemic and the rise of Tik Tok, Holland her team are having so much fun putting books into the hands of readers of all ages.  She is a joy and I am honored to share her and her store with you.  

Novel Neighbor

Noble Neighbor

Holland on Insta

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Episode #104: Writing, Reading and Scandalized with Ivy Owens

Uncategorized Aug 25, 2022

I am so honored to have Ivy Owns as a guest in this episode.  I read her book months ago and immediately started shouting about it to anyone who would listen.  Getting to hear from Ivy about the joy she found in writing Scandalized in the peak of the pandemic was such a joy for me.  Ivy has years of writing experience and you can tell that I was a little too excited to talk to her.  At the end, we do chat about her recent experience with writing under a pen name and how that's impacted her as Scandalized gained attention.  It was truly a delight to get to spend this time with her and I hope you love her as much as I do!

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Episode #103: 10 things that are bringing me JOY right now

Uncategorized Aug 18, 2022

In this transition to fall from a wild and crazy summer, I decided that the most fun thing for all of us was to share the things that are bringing me joy right this second.  Some are actual things.  Some are less tangible.  All are happy.  (and linked below)

  1. Post It Notes  - Noted by Post its
  2. Cleaning with Tide - thank you GoCleanCo
  3. Mini Saltine Crackers
  4. Annotating and Highlighting my fiction books.  These are the tabs that I ordered.  Also - Scandalized by Ivy Owens
  5. The mail.  
  6. My Bathrobe
  7. My New Bras
  8. Hugs and People
  9. Full Canning Jars
  10. Author Events and Book Conversations - Book Club with Addie


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Episode #102: Battling the End of Summer Slump

Uncategorized Aug 11, 2022

The end of summer and start of school is right here upon us.  I feel like this time of year is the under discussed slump before the fall and school starting.  I am 100% feeling like it's time for a change, but also recognize that it may not be the best time to do this.  In this episode, I am giving you my own personal do's and don't's for battling this time of slumpiness while we wait for our routines and lives to change in the fall.  

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Episode #101: A Reminder to You and to Me about WORDS

Uncategorized Aug 04, 2022

 It's a lot this time of year with end of summer and start of school and all of the things.  I have noticed that my habits around words and my own personal behavior has not been the best of my ability.  I am making a concerted effort to stop and regroup before I spin farther out of control and in that process, I figured you might be walking through this with me.  

In this episode, I am sharing my tips and methods to regroup and do better as far as my words and mindset go.  I hope they  help you so much.  


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Episode #100: Reflections and Lessons on 100 Episodes

Uncategorized Jul 28, 2022

Can you believe that it's been 100 episodes already?  I definitely can't.  As I look back on the making of 100 podcast episodes, I share with you things that I have learned about you and about me and about podcasting.  It's been an awesome run and I can't wait for the next 100.  


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Episode #99: How to Get Your Voice Heard with Your State and US Congress Members

Uncategorized Jul 21, 2022

I have been thinking about how we communicate with our elected officials so often.  The news is bananas and it feels like more now than ever, we need to effectively communicate with those who are representing us.  In this episode, I bring two friends who work in state and U.S. senate offices to share how to greater make your voice heard and also the resources you may or may not have known are available to you.  I learned so much in this episode and I hope you do as well.  

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